Muhimmath sweeps the tears of the poor, protects them and leads them ahead imparting spiritual, professional and educational training and guidance. This institution has turned the rocky waste land at kattathadka is to a holy place of knowledge. If was founded by the pious Sayed Zainul Muhaqiqeen Shaikuna Thwahirul Ahdal Thangal in 1992. Muhimmath beams out from this salubrious land of 35 acres. It grows, with it the society

Orphanage is an important wing of their institution protecting orphans is the social responsibility. Islam has given due importance to it. Heaven a patron of an orphan and I will be like the two fingers of the a palm. Prophet Muhammad said. Even before the establishment of Muhimmathul Muslimeen Education Centre, there was an orphanage at puthige that Muhimmath took over and developed. Hundreds of orphans have been protected here. Read More...

Muhimmath Under the shade of spirituality

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    Thursday, June 1, 2017

    Muhimmath Silver Jubilee Conference 2017


    Wednesday, May 31, 2017

    Da-awa students for propagation

    To acquire knowledge as passed by the part masters and to acquire the modern education students are trained in Da'awa college.

    Muhimmath provides training for seven years for Da'awa students who are selected to the course after test and interious from among students who secured high grade in S.S.L.C. They get two degrees at the same time: one Mukhats'r from Muhimmath and the other from the University. They are green training in computer, oratory, writings etc. Students are disciplined by able 'Usthads'. Food accommodation, education and health care are all free a cost. This college is affiliated to Jamiathul Hind al Islam.

    Daawa Collage

    Sunday, May 28, 2017

    Hifzul Qur'an

    The holly Qur’an shall be protected still to last day. Here is tge importance of sholans that learned it by heart. By reaching that standard , the students of this section will learn the thirty Juz of Quar'an. A large Numbers of hafils completed this course. Deeni education and way of life in imparted here. It is an institution that needs more attention of lovers of Qur’an.

    Hifzul Quran Collage

    Tuesday, May 2, 2017


    Muhimmath goes ahead with the spirit of the Hadith that "The protectors of orphans an I will be as close as two fingers". Hundreds of orphans have been protected this. They are happy with the service of Muhimmath. We provide free facilities that will be available else where only by paying high fee along with dress, learing materials and medical aid free of cost. This, with and the cause of orphans. the inmates grow up. As for their job oriented development, computer, type writing and tailoring are also taught.




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