Muhimmath sweeps the tears of the poor, protects them and leads them ahead imparting spiritual, professional and educational training and guidance. This institution has turned the rocky waste land at kattathadka is to a holy place of knowledge. If was founded by the pious Sayed Zainul Muhaqiqeen Shaikuna Thwahirul Ahdal Thangal in 1992. Muhimmath beams out from this salubrious land of 35 acres. It grows, with it the society

Orphanage is an important wing of their institution protecting orphans is the social responsibility. Islam has given due importance to it. Heaven a patron of an orphan and I will be like the two fingers of the a palm. Prophet Muhammad said. Even before the establishment of Muhimmathul Muslimeen Education Centre, there was an orphanage at puthige that Muhimmath took over and developed. Hundreds of orphans have been protected here. Read More...

Muhimmath Under the shade of spirituality

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    Friday, June 26, 2015


    More than thousand pions people participate in five time Namaz at Muhimmath Juma Masjid. The wibration of chanting Thasbeeh make the down and dusk of Muhimmath atmosphere reserve. There is a Masjid with the Madrasa classes at Bayar Ponnangalam, Santhipallam Mahal Jama-ath Mosque, Perala Pottori, Paivalike Kattatila, Kodak Kammad etc are constructions Muhimmath. In severd other areas Madrassas and Masjids are being started by Muhimmath

    Khutub Khana

    It is an important institution that provide valuable books for reference is students and teachers. A research centre by name Darul Ahdaliya is being established. 
    Khutub Khana

    Residential School For Girls

    Though educational facilities have been improved, for women provision to attain the education as prescribed in Islam in class. There are orphans and the destitute among them. It is the obligation of society is protects them. So, Muhimmath decided to begin as institution for them ---. M.R.S. for girls serve, orphans and the destitute. They get change is get school and Madrassa education is a Deeni background

    Residential School For Girls

    Tuesday, June 23, 2015

    Muhimmath Schools

    In the beginning of Muhimmath the students of this institution had to depend on other schools for education. The problems of travelling, shift systems of such schools, and the poor standard prompted Muhimmath to begin a school of its own. The schools that started with Malayalam, English and Kannada media; sprang up well to the fore. Madrasa education is provided here. Regular classes from first standard to tenth standard is available here. opportunity to appear for Public Examination in Madrasa. It is the specialty of Muhimmath that Madrasa education begins at the nursery level. The Kerala Government has recognized the school and the SSLC batches got good results.
    High School

    Home care for the infants

    It is new project of Muhimmath. It provides all facilities farther orphans at their home. There ate 200 such children under the care of Muhimmath. now covering the area of Kasaragod, South Canara, Kudak Districts. Muhimmath Orphan care provides monthly stipend, hospital expenditures and learning materials for them.
    Home Care

    Qur'an Research Centre

    Holy Qur'an is a guide to humanity. It is essential to provide better facility for ---an studies in this IT age. This centre of Muhimmath provide research facilities to Hafili's. It is a multi purpose wing.
    Quran Research Centre

    School of Da'awa

    The students of this using get further school education and training is propagation (Da'awa activites). Students completed high school and Madrassa education are eligible to get admission.  As they get preliminary education at Da'awath they become eligible to Da'awa College.
    School of Daawa



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