Monday, May 1, 2017

Shareeath College

Shareeath Collage
It was Dars at mosques that sustained that Deen. It was rthe cantinution of Ahlussuffa that prophet (s w a) begm at Masjidunnabavi in Madeena. The Muslim came to Kerala through the work of Malik Deenar and other schools and spread the knowledge on Deen.
First Institution in Muhimmath was Sariath College. It was standed by Shaikuna Ustad as Dars and it developed in to a college. The certificate of the Himami from here. For fourteen years from the starting of it Shaikuna Syed Thahirul Ahdal Thangal was the principal. Now Shaikuna A.P. Aboobacker Musliyar Kanthapuram is the principal. Great scholers serve have under him. Students are provided free food and accommodation. They are given annual scholarship. A well equipped referral  library  is also provided for them. The students get facilities of information Technology also. To improve communication skill interactive sessions are scheduled.



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